Why nobody approached her

This article is actually for the ladies. Gentlemen – you can still read it of course. There’s a chance you might learn something from it too.

I was out drinking awhile back with my buddy D and a co-worker.

I’ve talked about D before. He’s the guy who we’d discuss and argue music, aesthetics, architecture, and babes over massive quantities of wine. He’s also the guy who convinced the Mrs and me to visit Romania.

As for the co-worker, a better-than-average in attractiveness for her age woman in her 40s. D and I joked that her husband must be a saint.

This is “Blenda.” I’ve already told her story in the article resting bitch face. But I bring her up again for the ladies.

I saw a tweet this morning from a lady who never got approached. Now, I’m not at all insinuating that she’s anywhere near as bad as Blenda.

But I can guarantee her body language is uninviting.

She tweeted about never getting approached. Her profile pic looks like she’s at least decent looking so it’s not a lack of looks.

Thus, it’s more than likely body language.

Unfortunately, this is most easily remedied in person.

I can tell you though that if I was looking for babes, and one gave me an approach signal and the other one didn’t, then I’d approach the one who gave me the approach signal.

What is the approach signal?

Glad you asked.

Let’s say you’re in an open area. It could be anything. A bar. A park. A supermarket. Even a museum.

And you see an attractive man.

Well, you notice that there’s another lady who sees him.

She does something to catch his eye. Looks at him and smiles. Twirls her hair. Heck, she could even walk up to him and accidentally drop something in front of him.

Meanwhile, you do nothing.

Who do you think he will approach?

Meanwhile, you have a closed body language.

Closed body language can range from anything like wearing big ass headphones and avoiding eye contact to an extreme like a “fuck off!” look. And everything in between.

Open body language is exactly what it sounds like. Your body language says “come talk to me.”

Some guys are dense. If you see a cute guy and he’s not picking up your signal, then you might have to do something a little more direct like accidentally drop something in front of him or brush by.

So if you’re never getting approached, do an introspective deep dive.

How is your stance? How do you sit? How is your eye contact? Are you wearing anything that blocks you off?

That’s your homework assignment. Do an introspective deep dive into your body language. That’s more than likely why you’re not getting approached.

And there’s one more thing you can do. Do you have a platonic male friend? If so, ask him to help you.

I’m not there so I can’t help you. I need to see your body language in person to tell you what you’re doing wrong.

And no, not a female friend. 50% chance she gives you horrible advice.

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