AD&D v1 art, conspiracy theories, and even more Joe Rogan

I’ve been reading Art & Arcana, a Barnes and Noble special book on the history of the art of Dungeons and Dragons.

Yes, back in the early 80s, I played Advanced Dungeons & Dragons v1 and loved the art. I had both the Basic Set (Dungeons and Dragons) and the hardcover books (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons). Oh, and Darlene is underrated.

I also painted well over a hundred metal miniatures. I was never really good at that though as I saw a lot of kids paint a lot better than I did. But I enjoyed painting them, which is really what matters anyways.

I loved the art back in the day before v2 came out and they censored everything. I’ve always been anti-censorship. That’s been a core belief of mine since day 1.

Yeah, back in the day, it was the religious right that censored everything. Now it’s the woketard left. Weird how it flip flopped.

Anyways, they can’t release art like they did back then. Beautiful often nude women in various forms from mermaids to witches to demonesses. Nowadays with the woketard left controlling everything, the women are fat (which of course they mistakenly call “shapely”) and covered up.

It’s funny that instinctively, women enjoy being viewed as attractive by the right men. Feminists will scream up and down that this isn’t true but I use Instagram as exhibit A. Yup. Take a ten minute scroll through that app and I rest my case.

Why do so many people nowadays believe in conspiracy theories?

Folks gotta believe in something. You’ve probably heard the saying before that there ain’t no atheists in a foxhole. True or an exaggeration, I’m definitely learning that everyone believes in something. Yes, even atheists. In fact, it’s atheists who are most likely to join Fauci’s cult, which doesn’t surprise me one bit.

Folks believe in conspiracy theories for many reasons. Conspiracy theories often offer just a tad of truth which apparently convinces people enough to go all the way in.

Plus, today’s media lacks so much credibility that folks who only a decade ago would get their news from mainstream media are now turning to alternative sources, which also includes conspiracy theorists.

I can’t say I blame them. Conspiracy theorists only a few years ago were saying that this corona thing would turn the world into a police state. Well guess what? It’s happening. Now China’s social credit system, which we used to openly mock only a few years ago, is now about to come here. Weird how the conspiracy theorists of 2020 were more right than the mainstream press, the latter of whom actually censored what was really going on.

Also notice how everyone’s afraid to criticize China? China literally is committing genocide as we speak but most of the big names and almost the entire media refuses to cover it.

What happened to the never again people? They’re also strangely quiet. I guess genocide is ok as long as it’s those people and not these people. Right? What did Orwell say about some people being more equal than others?

Which leads to this Joe Rogan meme

I didn’t make this meme. I just happened to find it.

Summons it up perfectly. Normal people love Joe Rogan because he’s honest. The mainstream media on the other hand attempts to force their narrative down your throats. Then they wonder why normal people like Joe Rogan more than them.

Geez. Those morons have as little self-awareness as your average feminist.

For the thousandth time, I make my beliefs clear. I believe in the Bill of Rights, unaltered. The Declaration of Independence. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. I’m a strict Constitutionalist. If it’s unconstitutional, then I don’t support it.

I’m an artist. I hate communism because communists killed between 50-100 million people last century. Plus, they censor art.

I will never waver in my beliefs. I will never compromise my beliefs. They’re set in stone.

I don’t trust people who don’t make themselves clear. If you’re not sure what someone believes, chances are he has no strong beliefs and you’re best off not trusting him.

I paint beautiful women. I study art. I compose beautiful music. I study orchestration and composition.

I also love to write. I used to be a voracious reader but I’m not anymore because most of my free time is either with a beautiful woman or with my hands on a paintbrush, a guitar, or a piano. Or my face buried in my Romanian lessons. (Index cards for the win).

Today, I stand with the Canadian truckers. I stand with Joe Rogan. I stand for Freedom. I hate censorship and I hate authoritarian types.

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