Can men have platonic female friends?

I’ve seen this question asked many, many times. And I’ve seen it answered many, many times, mostly dishonestly.

So, I offer you the truth. And it will more than likely offend a lot of people.

Ironically, this article will benefit you ladies more than you gentlemen out there. Men already know this. Although a lot of men are in denial about some of these things.

So let’s get started…

Can men have platonic female friends?

The short answer is yes.

The longer answer, with stipulations.

Stipulation 1 – He’s gay

He’s your bestie. You tell him everything in the world. You’ve bared your soul to him. He’s even seen you naked more than once.

He’ll always have your back. You love talking to him. You love opening up to him.

But he doesn’t want to fuck you. Why?

Because he’s gay.

So yes, he can be your friend. He can even be your BFF.

Stipulation 2 – You’re ugly

I’m honest.

Yes, it’s harsh sometimes. I tell people the cold, hard truth and folks often don’t like me for it.


I’d rather tell the truth and have someone dislike me than have someone like me for someone I’m not.

So he doesn’t want to fuck you. Because, he finds you ugly.

Now, keep in mind, listen to his wordings carefully.

I used to be a player. When I wanted to fuck a chick, I made it clear. I was direct. The absolute last thing I wanted was to hear the evil words. If you’re a man, you know what the evil words are.

However, if I was currently screwing another chick and wanted to keep your number for when it goes south with the chick I’m currently with, I’d say something like “you’re not my type.” And still keep your number.

To a player, “you’re not my type” translates to “I’ll fuck you when I’m done with this current one.”

Now if you’re ugly, I’m keeping you around because you got a hot sister and/or friend. Or, you’re just a super cool chick that I genuinely want to be friends with.

Note, this isn’t just me talking like this. This is actually the majority of player types.

Players are still people and they like having friends. Sometimes, a woman makes a wonderful platonic friend. But if she’s hot and we’re not gay, we’re thinking of fucking her. Unless…

Stipulation 3 – He’s getting his balls drained sufficiently by a girl he wants to keep

I’m married. And yes, our sex life is fantastic.

I married the right one. One of the few things I did right in my 20s.

This is why I can be so close to my two primary models. Their men know my wife well. They know me well. They know I’m not a threat.

I’d go out drinking with their men. Over the years, we’ve become very close and I don’t fuck over friends. Neither do they.

So I’m safe drawing their women naked. Those drawings become the paintings you see. Then their women go home to them while I’m home with my wife. Nothing funny happens because we’re not swingers, and like I just said, I don’t fuck over friends.

Side note – I remember meeting a porn actress when we lived in Los Angeles who had sex with over 100 men in one day*. Yeah, that doesn’t happen with men. We’re like guns. Once we’re out of bullets, we’ll need to reload and unlike a gun, it’s not simply adding another magazine. The magic word is called “sleep.”

Two girls at a time is plenty and that’s back in your college days when you can shoot more than once and still keep going. Plus, it’s overrated. Sounded like a great idea at the time.

Now, also note I had a stipulation within a stipulation. A girl he wants to keep. Not just any girl.

I’ve cheated on girlfriends before. Because I knew they weren’t the one and I was still searching for the one.

Was that wrong? Of course it was. But like I said above, I’m honest. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that I’m a saint.

When a man finds the right girl, he’s not gonna cheat. If he’s cheating on you, you’re not the right one. It is as simple as that and every man knows it.

Stipulation 4 – He has extremely low T levels

A man can have such extremely low testosterone levels that he doesn’t even think about sex. Yes, those men exist.

Not surprisingly, no woman wants to fuck those men.

Women know it immediately.

But, a man can do things to alter his testosterone levels. Eat more red meat and less carbs. Lift very heavy weights. Lose weight. Kick a bully’s ass. Beat up a communist.

Yes. All those things will increase a man’s T levels. Which of course results in increased sex drive.

Once a man’s T levels return to even close to normal, he’s thinking about fucking you. Unless, he finds you ugly. Or he’s gay.

This is reality. You can deny it all you want but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s true.

If he’s not gay, you’re not ugly, his T levels don’t resemble a 90-year-old’s, and his balls are full, he wants to fuck you. It’s as simple as that.

If you’re a man and you’re saying that this article is inaccurate, feel free to lie all you want. The thing is, other men know you’re lying.

You can even rationalize it. You know what though? Rationalizing is a form of lying. And once again, other men know you’re lying.

And let me bring the point home for the thick headed folks…

Other men know you’re lying.


  • It was Annabel Chong – I had to look her up because I’ve met so many famous people. She’s actually quite cool irl and also quite intelligent.
  • You could ask “how does this article help?” Well, imagine a world where people spoke openly and honestly. Imagine a world with integrity. Would that world be a better place?

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