Breaking the incel curse

From Treasure Island in Vegas

I want to be clear on something before I write the beef of this article.

Everyone is naturally good at something. Everyone is naturally bad at something else.

That’s just a cold, hard fact of life.

Sure, I was always good with the babes. But I was always really, really bad with money. So if I give you financial advice, do the opposite.

The grass is always greener folks. Believe me, there were times I would have gladly traded my power over the babes for not be living in a fucking car!

That said, I can teach you how to break the incel curse. I’ll explain to you why I’ve always been so good with the babes.

It’s a combination of personality, confidence, numbers, and being attractive to the ladies. Also, a few tricks I’ve learned over the years.

And contrary to popular opinion, money doesn’t mean shit. I’ve had plenty of success with the babes when I was flat broke.

It will take a lot of work

First, the bad news. This is a long-term process. I can teach you a few short cuts but the short cuts rely on luck. It’s best to think of it as a long-term process. After all, we’re completely rewriting a huge piece of you.

This isn’t like getting a new haircut and boom! You suddenly got a hundred girls at your house.

I’ve known incels in real life. I didn’t know what they were called until Elliot Rodger made the news. When I saw that kid, I thought to myself “if only I had known him, I could have fixed his problem.”

Well, it’s too late now.

But, I can fix the next Elliot Rodger. That might be you.

Long-term process

And I’ve said this before. But I can’t emphasize this enough.

This is a long-term process. When someone tries to sell you an overnight hack or a get-rich scheme, it’s usually with some catch (usually involving them taking a shitload of money from your wallet).

I get nothing for this. I use this website to sell prints and mp3s for Pete’s sake. There are no big ticket items on here so my motivations are simple – I’m trying to make the world a better place by dumping the best parts of my brain onto this blog.



Now the second thing that may piss you off. Before we even talk about getting you laid, we’re gonna change your appearance.

The majority of incels I’ve met were either skinny or fat. So first, we fix that. After all, babes are people, just like you and me. And with that, we learn to put the odds in your favor.

We’re going to increase your odds significantly. We’ll also increase your confidence because without confidence, the whole thing is pointless.

You can attract ugly chicks with low self-esteem without confidence. I’m assuming you want a good looking chick. Good looking chicks can see right through bullshit, so we’re going to make you into a confident man.

If you’re skinny, your diet more than likely sucks. The whole eggs and milkshakes thing? That’s another thing you’re doing wrong. No, you’re not supposed to eat eggs and milkshakes. You’re supposed to eat a balanced diet, plus eggs and milkshakes. For some odd reason, this is something skinny men always get wrong.

If you’re not consuming enough calories a day, you’re simply not eating enough to put on the muscle. Lift weights. Eat a balanced diet, plus eggs and milkshakes.

In Dungeons and Dragons, do you know the difference between wizards and Gods? Gods can make matter. Wizards have to source their magic from somewhere else.

The same thing with muscle. You can’t just lift weights and build muscle. You need the building blocks. And skinny people keep thinking they’re eating enough. No, you’re not, or else you’ll be packing on muscle (assuming you’re lifting correctly).

If you’re fat, you still need to lift weights. But you got to cut out all the crap. No soda. No processed foods. Etc. A balanced diet with nothing extra. Skip dessert. And also do cardio. You need to lift weights until exhaustion 3 days a week and cardio until you’re about to throw up or pass out one day a week.

Get a doctor to sign off on your routine though. I obviously don’t want to kill anybody. Whereas skinny people aren’t gonna drop dead during a workout, if you’re morbidly obese, there’s a reason why it’s called “morbidly obese.” It literally means you’re risking death.

So I’ll say this a second time – have a doctor sign off on your workout routine before you begin if you’re morbidly obese. I really, really don’t want to kill anybody.

Muscle changes a lot of things. You want to look at yourself in the mirror and say “damn! I look good.”

When you do, the ball starts rolling in the right direction. You start to see yourself differently. You start to realize that if you realize you look good, other people will realize you look good.

Your confidence will change. Your outlook will change.


Women like interesting men. What are you good at?

Unfortunately, a lot of skill sets don’t matter to the babes. You submitted something to the Linux kernel to make IMAP perform better? That’s great, Francis, but that doesn’t turn on the chicks. Your wizard killed 100 orcs all by himself once? That’s fantastic, Theodore, but no, that doesn’t turn on the chicks either.

Sports. Music. Art. Spoken word (poetry is great, but a chick needs to actually hear it). Comedy. Theater. Dance. Singing. All these things are great to be good at.

You know why? Two reasons. One, chicks actually show up at these events. Two, you are seen.

Now even music is with a caveat. I played in a Prog Metal band once and we had zero chicks come to our shows. Wonder why? I don’t. Anytime you see Prog in front of a form of music, it’s gonna be a sausagefest.

But if the lyrics are about chicks, they’ll always think you’re singing to them. Just look at which bands the ladies go nuts for. They often even have an ugly singer. But the average chick is narcissistic enough that she thinks it’s about her.

“OMG! It’s like he knows me!” Yes, I know you’ve heard chicks say this.

Art has been a blessing to me. No, I won’t cheat on my wife. But the chicks who pose for me? They’re babes.

They know I have high standards. Only the best offer to pose. And I even get hate from feminazis, which is an added bonus. I’ll do another post later on why being hated is actually a good thing.

Whatever the case, figure out what you love doing and get good at it.

Be seen. Get good. Be seen as good at it.

The stranger

I grew up mainly in two states. I’ve moved back and forth between these states too.

When I’m in one state, I always say I’m from the other state. And when I move back to the other state, I say I’m from the former state.

Get it?

Understand why it’s important?

You’re not an average guy. You’re different. Get it through your head that average is bad and different is good.

I’ll let you in on something disturbing to the average guy (but awesome to the top percentile). This is how it’s been forever. And when I say forever, I mean tens of thousands of years, not just decades. Tens of thousands of years.

The average guy gets mediocre or no chicks. Arranged marriages allowed the average guy to get average chicks.

The top 10% of men got most of the chicks, including all the hot ones.

If you’re shooting for being average, you might as well lower your standards. You also might as well stop reading this article too.

One way to become different – be the stranger.

Hypothetically if I were single, I’d hire a voice coach to help me get a British accent. And while in Britain, I’m an American. But when in America, I’m British.

There’s a certain type of girl who can’t resist the stranger. Not every chick is like that. But enough are that when you get better at reading women, you’ll notice who’s noticing you.

Get good with men

“Wait, Roman, but I’m not gay.”

That’s not what I mean, Chuckie.

Have you ever noticed that chicks like the type of men that other men want to be like? The leader of the pack gets the hottest chicks and the rest of the pack gets the leftovers.

The men who other men think are cool have no problem whatsoever with the babes. So you need to figure out how to be that guy.

First off, I assume you are now muscular. You also have mad skills. And, you’re the new kid in town.

You need to learn to smile and laugh. Not at everything, like a total kiss ass. Nobody respects a kiss ass. But at the right things.

You’re cool. You got that vibe that you know some cool shit or you want to do some cool shit. People want to be seen with you.

Learn the area

Contrary to what some PUAs tell you, intelligence in men is sexy. Intelligent men make more money. Intelligent men know more things. And intelligent men are going to excel in a society where most people are average.

I’m not talking nerdy. I’m talking smart. Know the difference.

You want to be smart/fun though. Not smart where you rattle off a bunch of boring facts that chicks don’t give a shit about.

I’m finishing this article in Vegas. I can tell you about all the hotels on the strip. I could recommend a few cool bars in town.

I could also tell you some pretty cool outdoor spots to visit. I even have pics on my phone. And I don’t even live here. I’m on vacation.

A hot chick comes into town. She’s visiting her favorite Aunt for a week. She asks Average Joe “what are the fun things to do around here?”

Joe replies, “uh, I don’t know.”

Joe has lived in this town his entire life, and still doesn’t know what to do for fun around here.

But you, you’ve been in town for two months and have already found a bunch of fun things to do.

While she rolls her eyes at Joe and immediately loses interest, you move in and recommend a few places. But not just recommend places, you start to ask questions about her.

What do you like to do? That’s cool.

What’s your Aunt like? Really? I have an older cousin that’s a lot like your Aunt.

Yeah, you wouldn’t like the first place I recommended. But since you’re this type of person, you’d really like this place instead. I’ll take you there.

Be the guy who knows things to do. Don’t be Joe.

Learn to read people

Everyone made fun of sales when I was growing up. It was that job that you did if you couldn’t do anything else.

Well, everything involves sales. My art? If I didn’t have marketing skills and a network, I wouldn’t be able to move my art like I do.

Heck, if I didn’t have a network, I wouldn’t even know Allie and Roxy. I met Allie through a friend and how I met Roxy is a long story.

Decades ago, I met my wife because I was the cool stranger with lots of swagger.

You’ll need to learn to read people. This skill set alone will lead to sex, but especially once you’ve got those other ones down.

You don’t even have to do direct sales. Wait tables. But don’t only do the necessary to keep your job. Learn to bullshit with people. Learn to upsell. Learn to tell who likes what.

And the best sales job for learning women? Bartending, of course. Have you ever met a bartender that was bad with women? I’ve been drinking in bars in a lot of big cities (and recently, in foreign countries as well) for decades and can assure you that bartenders know women.

Birds of a feather

Some men do better with a wingman. Some men don’t need one.

Pick the strategy that’s best for you.

And the funny thing, for some men, the best wingman is actually a woman. Especially an attractive one because other cute chicks are curious about what’s going on between you. Hot tip – curiosity makes women’s ears open up.

You’re going to improve your friends list. Sound cold? So be it.

Birds of a feather flock together. If you’re hanging out with a bunch of other incels, you might as well throw in the towel.

But if you’re with a bunch of other players, another hot tip. Even the worst player in a group of players will still score.

This is yet another reason why I think it’s a good idea to move to a different environment. Nobody knows you. You get to start from scratch.

You can write your own origin story. Why did you pick this place? You can answer anything. You were bored of the old town. You came here for work and ended up falling in love with here because of this and that.

You wanted a change of scenery. You got huge goals and you weren’t going to meet them in your old place.

Heck, you can even say your former town wasn’t big enough for both you and your nemesis so one of you had to leave or else one of you would be dead and the survivor would be in jail.

Whatever. It doesn’t matter. You’re better off starting a new persona.

“Isn’t that fake?”

Are you seriously asking me this?

OK, then I’ll seriously answer.

Women find themselves. Men make themselves.

Do you think I was born an artist? No. I made myself an artist.

I became an artist after Allie saw my cartooning and asked me to draw her. I was already a pretty good cartoonist. The transition to art was easy for me.

So once again, you’re going to make the new you. You’re going to make the new you in the image you want to be.

Numbers game

You’re going to be talking to a lot of people. Both men and women.

You’re going to develop an interesting personality. You’re going to become charming.

It will become a numbers game. But we’ll steer the numbers in your favor.

I’m not an approach guy. If you want to learn approach from someone else, go ahead.

To be honest, I never needed to approach. It’s simply natural for me. You’ll see me talking to people all the time.

Since I’ve been on vacation, I’ve been drinking with my wife of course. But I’ve also been drinking with a really cool truck driver who’s now going to have tattoos of Allie and Roxy on him. How cool is that? Opium Tales art now as tattoos!

I had a conversation with a pretty lady about moving to Boca Raton. New York City stresses her out and she told me that Boca Raton is her happy place.

I could see the stress on her face. So I told her she needs to move to her happy place. I hope she takes my advice seriously.

I also had a conversation with a man who had such a crazy ass sale that he’s going to have his face in the Wall Street Journal’s business section. That’s pretty freaking awesome.

And, I met Eric Trump. Yes, the son of the President of the United States.

I got a few pictures of me and him. He’s super tall. Cool guy.

You see what I’m getting at? Talk to people. Women are people. If you simply talk to people, you’ll meet people. And once again, women are people.

The more people you talk to, the more people you’ll meet. And once again, women are people.

Sometimes, it’s not meant to be with a woman sexually. But she likes you so much, she sets you up with her friend.

I don’t close doors unless they’re bad people.

The more you interact with people, the more you’ll be able to read people. And learn cues.

Sometimes a woman’s eyes and body language are telling you that she wants to sleep with you. You’ll never learn this if you don’t talk to people.

It’s a numbers game. I know a guy who’s so cool that his male friends set him up with their female friends. You can be that guy too.

Talk to people. People open doors for you.

But I’m not talking one or two people. Talk to lots of people. Be cool. The bigger the numbers, the more opportunities.

Which leads to learning which tribes you belong to so you can increase your odds even more. Read on.

Tribes of women

Everyone belongs to a different tribe. We were tribal only a few thousand years ago. Sure, some ethnicities for 10k years, but the majority of us were running around in tribes only a few thousand years ago. Some of us were tribal only a generation ago.

So, we still have that tribalism in our veins.

What do I mean? Well, look around you. In high school, you had your jocks, your geeks, your drama people, your Spanish class, your preppies, your metalheads, your punk rockers, your country and western people, your hip hop fans, your stoners, your traveling volleyball team, etc.

You’ll see people walking around with their college on their jackets. Or their favorite football/baseball/basketball team. Or their favorite brand of beer.

The people on your swim team and the people on your football team didn’t dislike each other. They just didn’t like each other. They didn’t hang out.

The head of the stoners got rejected by that hot cheerleader, but banged three of the stoner chicks in his junior year.

I hope you’ve already figured out what I’m alluding to.

Real life isn’t like college. It’s like going back to high school. People will go back to their cliques. Which are really just a form of tribalism. We really haven’t evolved much in those few thousand years. If anything, our eyesight just got worse and that’s it. We still think the same.

You need to figure out which tribes you belong to. Yes, tribes as in plural. More tribes equals more chances, as long as you’re good. And I hope you took that get good at something seriously.

You want to be upper 10% of that tribe. No matter what tribe we’re talking about, the ratios are the same. Top 10% gets all the babes in the tribe and the bottom 50% get addicted to porn.

OK, I’ve covered a lot of content here. You may have to read this article several times.

Print it out if you have to. You need to know all this stuff. And practice it.

Like I’ve been saying, this isn’t an overnight thing. It takes time to become a new you. But I can guarantee you it’s all worth it.

I don’t need to guarantee you anything though. You’ll find out soon enough when your next problems will be cutting the numbers down rather than scoring in the first place.

About the featured image

We’re in Vegas for a few more days. It’s totally dead here right now.

This is from outside Treasure Island. One good thing I’ll say about the Strip – it’s a great place for random photography.

A quick note about the extrovert/introvert thing…

I know there’s going to be a lot of pissed off introverts thinking “it’s so easy for you to say to just talk to all these people. I’m an introvert, and it’s so hard for me.”

Well you know what pal? I’m foreign language retarded. Everyone else’s problems with math, that’s how I feel about foreign language.

But I’ll be trilingual by 2030 because I’m not a quitter.

So are you a man who gets chicks or are you a quitter?

October 2023 update

Well, I took the art prints and mp3s off this site, moved the art prints to Etsy, then got banned by Etsy (fuck Etsy). So this website sells nothing.

However, I got a new book out – Dork to Pimp Daddy. If you want to learn how to draw beautiful nudes or if you want to learn Artist Game, the elite of all the types of Game, buy it from Amazon.

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By Roman

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  1. Hey Roman, how are you?
    I’m currently a loner and even more with this scamdemic.

    What kind of activities can I do that would let me meet mostly women? I did salsa for 3 months before everything went to hell and thought about doing it again, but I don’t know… it just not the same anymore, I’m not even that interested in dancing, just the girls.

    That’s a small problem of mine… its like I don’t like any kind of activity. dancing? meh. acting? meh. cooking? meh. And I’m relatively good at all of those so go figure.

    any more ideas? I don’t even have a tribe, I’m a very particular guy… I will give you a few examples:

    I work as a developer, worst job to do for an incel… all of those coding hours destroy my social skills. Do I like my job? meh… I just do it for the money. About the developers tribe? they tend to like videogames and all of that… I don’t play videogames so… bad tribe.

    I know a lot about magic, I’m even into publishing my own tricks. But I’m not interested in doing magic for people so I’m not really a magician, I’m more of an inventor… so bad tribe.

    Dancing? I did it only for the girls… I’m not a bad dancer but again… If I find the activity somewhat boring how could be that my tribe?

    Acting? acting is fun… but again, I went for the babes. I’m also naturally good at this activity… but I don’t really connected with that kind of people.

    I don’t know man… I just can’t really connect with people because it’s like I don’t belong to any kind of tribe.

    How do I solve this? and I’m very close to my 30s so imagine my frustration.


    1. Howdy! Doing pretty well, thanks.

      Let’s go down the list…

      Dancing is great. Salsa is one of the best but if you’re feeling meh about it, I’d suggest instead changing how you feel about it.


      Self-talk. Change how you tell yourself you feel about it.

      Change “meh” to “man, I can’t wait to resume salsa!”

      I did that with martial arts. I got bad eyesight so I got hit a lot. But changed the way I dreaded putting the gloves on and getting hit to knowing I was really good at tackles, trips, takedowns, and groundwork.

      So I simply told myself “I’ll take them down before they could get their 2nd punch in.” And lo and behold, that’s exactly what happened.

      So think of the same thing with dancing. Rather than thinking “meh,” think something along the lines of “I wonder who’s going to be there today.”

      And it’s all a numbers game. Dancing is one of the best.

      Magic? Totally underrated for babes. Two of the girls I’ve painted – Sophia Jade and Jin n Tonic (both public figures) have been to that exclusive Magic Castle in Hollywood. Note that magicians need cute assistants.

      Acting? Well, maybe put a different spin on it. Write yourself into a short film. I did a horror short once with the very beautiful Nitda Cee. Do an image search and pics don’t do her justice. She’s cuter irl.

      It’s all a percentage game. The more you go to places with babes, the better you increase your chances.

      It’s also good to have a wingman in each one of those – dancing, magic, and acting. Wingmen will not only give you moral support, they’re often where the tribe building begins.

      I think the root problem for you maybe the way you feel. You seem to feel “meh” about almost everything. Which I totally get it. The lockdowns are doing a lot of damage to people’s spirits.

      I had a long talk with Allie just the other day about how she used to smile so much more before the lockdowns. Note that girls are feeling the same things we are. Connections will be less frequent. However, they’ll be much stronger because if there’s a time people need people, it’s definitely now.

  2. wow that was quick. Maybe you should offer coaching.

    Ok, I will focus my energy on dancing salsa, thanks for the advice. In fact now I think it will be the best activity right now… because you literally touch other people and the girls must have missing that.

    by the way… Nitda Cee? she’s super attractive.

    1. Yes she is.

      One of these days, I may release the horror short. It wasn’t that good as it was the first one I’ve ever done. This promo for Princess for the Night uses clips from it –

      As for dancing, you nailed it. Touch is magical. Plus, you take the lead. Women love men who can lead well.

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