Of course smart men have the advantages with the babes

from the 62nd floor of the Trump International in Vegas

When I talked about finding someone younger and cuter, I called out poseurs. I can’t stand poseurs, because I can’t stand dishonesty.

It’s like, I was talking about investing on Twitter and some jackass said he never made an investing mistake.


Yes, some people really are simply lying douchebags.

I’ve made dozens of investment mistakes. Dozens. I’ve had stocks that were there then suddenly they’re not there.

But overall, how did I do? That’s what matters folks. Overall performance.

So once again, I say “pics or it didn’t happen.”

You see my pictures. Everything on this site unless otherwise stated was shot by yours truly. None of this using stock image bullshit you see on other sites.

“But it’s so much easier to use stock images.”

Yeah, if you never leave the house.

You see, I leave the house so much that I got plenty of pictures to prove that I’ve actually left the house. Imagine that.

You got lifestyle bloggers who use stock images too. Lifestyle bloggers! You’d think lifestyle bloggers of all people should have enough lifestyle to not need stock images.

Same thing with the babes. These poseurs like to give you babe advice. But half the time, they’re not even that good with the babes. They’re bullshitting you to sell their stupid eBooks.

Once again, pics or it didn’t happen.

Smart guys have a leg up on their competition

To be clear, I’m not talking about socially retarded nerds like Bill Gates or that Facebook guy. I’m talking about a regular smart man. Which if you’re reading this and you’re a man, I’m probably talking about you.

He’s got a huge leg up on his competition. The thing is, too many smart men overthink everything to the point they do nothing.

Now, I’ve already told you before my secret. I talk to women. All the time.

In fact, I’ve been talking to girls since I was a kid. I’ve always found them fascinating.

Still do.

When you can paint pictures in their heads and fill their imaginations with the wonderful worlds they can enjoy if they’re with you, you’ll have no problem whatsoever with the babes.

Can dumb guys do that? Of course not. They simply don’t have vivid imaginations.

They’re like Beavis and Butt-head trying to conjure a thought. “Um. Uh. Like, words or something.”

Yeah, I’ve seen poseur PUAs saying that smart men don’t have the advantage. I’ve also seen poseur PUAs say smart women are never attractive.

My word. Have any of them ever encountered Russian women?

Apparently not.

I’ve worked with Russian women who did circles around their co-workers. And were still hot as fuck.

Considering Russia gave us Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rachmaninoff, Mussorgsky, and Prokofiev, I sometimes wonder about that country. Smartest people ever? Definitely in the top five at the very least.

Use your weapons

Smart people have an endless supply of creativity. That’s why they conjure every good book ever written. Every cool idea ever came from a smart person. Every invention ever invented.

Every lyric ever written that made the babes’ panties wet? Came from a smart man.

So use your weapons accordingly.

By the way, I discussed muscle and confidence in my incel article. Imagine being smart, muscular, and confident.

Smart people have creative advantages. They can create stories. Babes love stories, especially stories involving them.

I’ve used this example before on this blog. I just don’t remember where.

In one of my classes at the junior college, there was a girl who belonged in Penthouse. I still remember her name to this day – Cassandra.

Well, I was seeing someone at the time so I never made a move on her. But I did watch a short guy walk right up to her and start talking about jet skiing. Next thing you knew, they were jet skiing together. A couple. Just like that.

I didn’t catch all the words he used but I do remember him putting her into his story. She obviously loved it.

I of course gave him a thumbs up. That chick was smoking hot!

About the featured image

Spent all of last week in Vegas, and despite the ridiculous rules, still managed to have a pretty good time.

I met a lot of wonderful people. One of whom was a really cool truck driver who loved my work. He’s now getting Allie tattooed on his right shoulder and Roxy tattooed on his back. How cool is that?

He got a suite on the 62nd floor. Look at this view!

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