Reading the Book of Jonah made me realize I was wrong

I’m not perfect. In fact, far from it.

I make mistakes all the time.

But I’m different from the average Joe or Jane because for one, I admit I made the mistake. And for another, I learn from it.

I was right about the whole scamdemic. In fact, I was right about pretty much everything about it.

However, I was wrong to toss away some people that I tossed away. And I learned that from reading the Book of Jonah (from the Bible).

In it, God tells Jonah to go to a sinful city. Instead, he goes in the opposite direction.

Then Jonah ends up getting tossed overboard from a ship and into the mouth of a giant fish for 3 days. Rather than learning from the experience, he just gets bitter.

After finally going to the city that God told him to go to in the first place, rather than being happy that the people learned from the errs in their ways, Jonah’s pissed that God forgave them and made Jonah live in a fish’s gut for 3 days. They got off too easy while he suffered.

Same thing with me. I was right about everything about the scamdemic. And now even the biggest morons in my family (my family is full of them) are finally coming around.

Yeah, they won’t admit they’re wrong because they’re all leftists (leftists never admit they’re wrong). But I should be happy they’re finally coming around and be done with it.

So I take back what I said here and here.

Lesson learned.

They’re still idiots. But you just have to forgive them and let it go.

It’s my job to guide and educate. Not to punish.

And here are some more memes because I like memes

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