And now she’s upset and I said “I told you so…”

About a year ago, I hired a Romanian girl to teach me Romanian.

There are many types of learners. Some folks can learn on their own. Some have to go to a school. For me, I like one-on-one learning.

I’m taking one-on-one Romanian lessons and also one-on-one art lessons. I fully intend to be a great artist. I’ll start off Pop Art (pinup) and eventually work my way into High Art. But that’s well over a decade or two away.

Anyways, let’s talk about my Romanian teacher. I’ll call her “Mira.”

Mira is a babe. Surprise surprise. Like I’ve said before, the average American girl from the 80s would be an 8 or 9 today. And Romanian girls are average American girls from the 80s.

That’s because the woketards have taken over the media and convinced this great nation that ugly is perfectly acceptable. It is not and I have no respect for people who don’t respect themselves. But that’s another rant for another day.

Mira has a best friend. And I don’t know how many times I have to say this – a woman and a man cannot be friends unless some other chick is draining his balls or she’s ugly. Or he’s gay. Or he has very low T.

He’s a guy. They’ve been close for over 3 years and of course, just got closer and closer.

Well the other day, he finally disclosed his true feelings.

Mira is now upset.

Rather than being nice, I told her the harsh truth. Mira, you’re hot. You cannot have a male friend unless another chick is draining his balls or he’s gay. That’s all there is to it. And no, there are no exceptions to this.

Once again for the thick headed folks – there are no exceptions to this.

Mira’s friend is what we call “an orbiter.”

Mira has a boyfriend. They’re actually engaged but no formal date set.

Of course, Mira isn’t going to tell her boyfriend or else her boyfriend will kick this guy’s ass. As he should.

For more harsh truths, read these articles

Can men have platonic female friends? – short answer? Yes. Long answer, only if his balls are drained, he’s gay, his T levels are so low that he would rather play videogames than play with your body. Or you’re ugly.

Why hot chicks don’t like “nice guys” – Mira is a hot chick. Her orbiter is a nice guy. Even if Mira were single, she still wouldn’t want to fuck him.

Toxic masculinity is sexy. Anyone who calls themselves a feminist, whatever advice they give you, do the opposite. Their advice will make you miserable and more than likely give you a porn addiction.

And lastly, my article on curing incels. The longest article I’ve ever written, written by the guy who your favorite PUA learned from.

On a personal note, I got another truth for you about hot chicks.

Contrary to what they’ll tell you, hot chicks love to compete. They will never admit this.

That’s why a guy who already has a girlfriend (the hotter, the better) has an easier time meeting women than a guy who is single. Once again, they’ll never admit this. However, I want you to go through your past experiences. All of them. Then, put 2+2 together.

See? Told you so.

And not just against other women. If you’re top 10% of your “tribe,” they’ll compete for your attention.

I was always a dang good musician. Now, I’m a full-fledged Classical composer.

These orchestrations are real. The string players are from Russia and the woodwind players are from Georgia (the state, not the nation).

Only $5 and you’ll see – I’ll talk shit but I can fully back it up. One disco song, two waltzes, one pop piece, and a power ballad.

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