My 2c on Black Pill men


The feminist who hated my wife used to be a total babe. I know this because she showed me the pics.

She had a wonderful lifestyle. Was married to a rich guy.

Traveled the world.

Then something happened and they got divorced.

Of course, I’ve only heard her side of the story. The guy’s the Anti-Christ.

Is he really? Like I said, I’ve only heard her side of the story.

A few decades later, she’s older, and didn’t necessarily age very well.

She can no longer attract quality men. To make things worse, she took a community college course on Women’s Studies. Always a bad idea.

Now, everything she sees is the Patriarchy. Yes, the Patriarchy is the reason for every problem in the world, especially the bullshit her life has become.

Being heterosexual, she’s still attracted to men. But does she attract the best and the brightest? Nope. Since she has a steady job, she attracts irresponsible male leeches.

Her current boyfriend owes her a lot of money. She complained about him a lot. And now says that all men are irresponsible. Imagine that.

What does this have to do with Black Pill men?


They’re the same thing. Except different sides of the coin.

That feminist chick? Totally lacks self-awareness. It’s not her fault that her life is a mess. It’s everyone else’s. Now after taking that Women’s Studies course, she knows it’s the Patriarchy that causes all her problems.

Black Pill men are the same thing. Totally lack self-awareness.

They had a bad divorce. She took everything. He’s left with nothing.

It happens.

Are the courts fair? Well, my 2c is the lawyers’ job is to make as much money as they possibly can. I’m a money realist. Rather than believing in conspiracies, I say “follow the money.”

Anyways, back to Black Pill men.

They got screwed over. Their wife cheated on them and still got the better end of the deal in the divorce.

So guess what?

All women are like that.

Yeah, I don’t buy that for a second.

I’ve met wonderful women. I’ve met shitty women. And I’ve met women somewhere in between.

I’ve always said that the most important thing for a man is to keep his frame.

Whereas there are no guarantees in life, you play the odds. If you keep your frame, your life would be so much better. Including your relationships with women.

The one who got away

If you’ve been in enough relationships, you’ll have your “the one who got away.”

Now, if you have self-awareness, you can judge what went wrong without your own biases tilted way in your favor.

I screwed up with the one who got away. I lost my frame once. Yes, just once. And that was it.

From there on, it all went downhill.

Black Pill men lack this self-awareness. It’s the woman’s fault. Women are evil. Blah blah blah.

Like I said earlier, I’ve met wonderful women. I’ve met shitty women. And I’ve met women somewhere in between.

The Black Pill man can’t see this. He only can blame. Just like that feminist.

And the only difference between the two? He’s got a cock and balls. She’s got a pussy.

Different sides of the same coin.

Both men and women attract “a type.” If you’re self-aware, you’ll notice patterns in your life.

Why do you attract this type? Neither the feminist nor the black pill man will understand this.

Rather, the feminist will blame the patriarchy and the black pill man will blame all women. Because he can’t see that he attracts that type for a reason.

About the featured image

Travel is awesome. Europe and the Caribbean both kick ass, but let’s not forget the good ol’ USA.

This is in Colorado. Great place for photography.

That feminist hates my wife because my wife now enjoys the life the feminist used to have. God forbid.

Damn patriarchy.

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  1. A lot of black pill men are just 20-something years old who happened to be rejected by the hottest blonde chick in their class.
    You’d say “Well, there’s nothing strange. That happens to most boys”. The problem is that while they’re still suffering they find losers on the Internet who start poisoning their mind.

    1. You are correct Sir. Which should be a simple fix – ask out more chicks.

      The problem with a lot of men is that they fixate on one rather than realizing it’s a numbers game.

  2. Interesting. I get called black pill because I essentially argue that what women are attracted to in men is innate to him and that “game” is not likely to change that for you.

    So, I always tell guys that if she is not into you like a starry eyed rock star groupie from the start, just hard next it and move on. I’m not sure why this is black pill.

    1. Hi Scott.

      Whoever is calling you black pill is incorrect. You have the correct attitude.

      I’ve always said “look for the type of chicks who are attracted to you.” So if you’re not her type, move on.

      That’s not black pill. That’s efficiency.

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