“You need to be more humble”

Are you a go-getter? Are you one of those people who doesn’t need motivation?

Well, I’ll bet that you had sorry ass losers tell you that you need to be more humble.

And it’s always sorry ass losers. It’s never successful people who tell you this. Because successful people realize you need that drive to win.

“But Tom Brady is humble and he’s got 7 Super Bowl rings.”

Yes, let’s talk about Tom Brady. How about we talk about the time right after he got drafted that he walked right up to Mr. Kraft, the owner of the Patriots, and told him that he’s going to be the best Patriot that ever lived. Really fucking humble, huh?

Let’s keep in mind that NFL teams drafted six quarterbacks ahead of him and the Patriots finally drafted him in the 6th round. Scouts thought he was too skinny and too slow for the NFL. So for a guy who almost never got drafted, that’s a pretty bold statement.

Tom Brady can be humble now that he’s achieved pretty much everything an NFL player can achieve. He’s got rings galore. He broke most of Brett Favre’s, Drew Brees’, and Peyton Manning’s records. He’s got more Lombardi trophies than any NFL team.

So sure, he can now be humble. But the people who actually know things know he wasn’t humble in the beginning. He had a chip on his shoulder because he barely made the NFL. He almost didn’t get drafted.

I’ll also be humble once I achieve both of my life goals. But until then, I’m going to be the most driven man on the planet.

You can be humble after you achieve

I got two lifelong goals. One is in music. I know there’s no way in hell I’ll catch Beethoven. I started too late and I’m simply not a super genius like Beethoven.

So I set a realistic goal. Before I die, I’ll write either a symphony or concerto on Anton Bruckner’s level. Still a crazy ass goal. But if I live long enough, totally achievable.

The other life goal – painting. Before I die, I’ll sell at least one million dollar painting. I’m almost 99% sure I’ll achieve this one before the music goal as my paintings have already sold for decent amounts of money. I won’t disclose how much, but I’ll just say my accountant is glad I recently purchased some real estate.

The last 2 people who told me I need to be more humble

Have you ever heard the term NPC? If you don’t know what it means, it means Non-Player Character. It is a gaming term where an NPC has programmed, predictable actions.

Like in the game Quake, the very first time we saw a Shambler, it scared the shit out of us. It turned around, saw us, then almost immediately killed us.

The next time however, we knew exactly where it was and filled the Shambler up with nails. Its actions were predictable.

The same thing with NPC people. They don’t think for themselves. It’s like they’re pre-programmed.

I happen to really like the beta male I’m talking about as a person. However, he’s very jealous and it bums him out that I get to do such cool things and he doesn’t. So he sometimes used to vicariously live through me. For instance, he was always excited to see my new photoshoots.

Not surprisingly, he gave me that lecture that I need to be more humble. And if you wonder why he has a sad life and I don’t, it’s because he’s humble before actually achieving anything. I’ll be humble after achieving my goals. Like I said before, until then, I’ll work like a racehorse.

The second to last person who lectured me on needing to be more humble was “Fanny,” the feminist.

I actually do feel bad for Fanny. She’s got no self-awareness though so she’ll never fix her faults.

She used to be smoking hot. She showed me the pics. I only saw the old, bitter Fanny.

She envied more my wife than me though because my wife now has the life Fanny used to have back when Fanny was hot.

But I cut off Fanny because she actually actively roots for me to fail.

Yes, seriously. You’ll encounter people like that. You need to cut them off as they’ll be more a drain than a help in your life.

I’m not even conceited. It’s just that insecure people can’t tell the difference between confidence and conceit. Aren’t you glad you’re not like those insecure people?

And speaking of humbleness, I’m not too shabby of a fiction writer. Check it out – [product id = 3274 ]

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