Look for smiling, nurturing girls. Not narcissists

A long time ago, one of my buddies talked about how men don’t talk about choosing mates. We rarely hear from our parents what to look for in a mate.

Girls hear it though. They learn to differentiate between quality men and shitty men. Which is a great thing.

The problem is, boys don’t.

Today, the problem is worse than it ever was. Nothing changed on the failure to talk about it front. The thing is though, girls are now encouraged to have narcissistic behaviors.

San Francisco is full of those morons with “the future is female” shirts. You see them everywhere.

Imagine being a boy and seeing that. No wonder so many boys get sex changes. They’re brainwashed to hate being boys. They’re brainwashed to hate themselves.

But that’s another rant for another day. I want to talk about an aspect of self-improvement that men don’t hear often enough – what to look for in a mate.


If a girl doesn’t smile, she’s off.

There are no exceptions to this rule. She’s damaged goods. And you’re better off avoiding her.

Humans smile for a reason. We became the dominant species not because we were the biggest and strongest. We became the dominant species because we had superior communication skills.

We learned how to hunt as a pack and kill some pretty scary ass predators.

Take the saber tooth tiger for instance. We wiped them out as a species. Which, we pretty much had to if we were to make it to the top.

The earlier iteration of the saber tooth tiger used to eat us. We were four feet tall and herbivores. And they’d hunt us down and eat us when we came down from the trees.

Well, humans learned to hunt meat and grew two feet in height. We knew we’d have to compete with them for food so the two species hated each other. Except, we were smarter and communicated better.

One naked human vs a saber tooth tiger? You’re dinner. But you and three of your pals with spears? The saber tooth tiger is fucked.

What does this all have to do with smiling?


Smiling shows I’m on your side. I’m your friend. Not your foe.

Not only that – I have your back. If you get attacked by a saber tooth tiger, don’t worry friend. I’ll spear its dumb ass.

Your woman smiles at you, she’s on your side. If she never smiles, she’s not on your side. Yes, it is that simple. That’s human evolution, my friends.

Smiling is the most instinctual communication there is. I don’t speak a word of Greek but if a Greek man smiled at me, we’re on good terms. I just used Greek as an example. Replace Greek with any language you want.

Smiling also shows functionality. Functional girls smile more. Dysfunctional girls rarely smile.

You want a functional girl. You can thank me later.

Babies smile. A loving mother will smile back at the baby. A fucked up mother won’t. And you’ll have fucked up kids because of that.

Nurturing girls

My wife knows when I’m stressed. She does everything she can to make the home peaceful so when I come home, I can relax.

I bust my ass at work. Yes, I still have a day job.

Everyone knows I’m damn good at what I do. I take on a shit ton of responsibilities because I’m dependable. And reliable.

You know if it’s me doing it, it’s going to get done.

Well, that translates to stress because I generally have deadlines to meet.

I assume your work isn’t easy either. If you got a work ethic, you get stress with it.

The best stress relief? Hard exercise and/or a nurturing woman.

Nurturing women will make you live longer. Healthier. And better.

Of all the female traits, nurturing is the most underrated. And arguably the most important.

Whereas beauty is how you’re initially attracted to her, nurturing abilities is what will keep her with you. If your girl is a narcissist, not only won’t she age well, she’ll also not be able to nurture you.

It’s really a shame that most men will learn this stuff from blogs rather than directly from each other. But since I already know in advance men aren’t talking about this stuff, I’ll at least write about it. After all, I write about self-improvement.

I’m not just a painter. I’m also a man who wants to genuinely make this world a better place.

A nurturing woman heals. And don’t ever underestimate the power of healing.


Today’s media is garbage. Complete garbage.

They glorify women being narcissistic. They make it all about them.

Men are supposed to protect women. That’s what we do instinctively. We need to do it for the survival of our species. No women, no babies. No babies, no human race.

Rather than that message of appreciation, you’ll see the media has a consistent message that women good, men bad. You can’t criticize women either.

And narcissistic women? That’s totally ok and we’re supposed to worship them.

Except, it’s not ok. You don’t want to mate with a narcissist. They’re garbage human beings and a relationship with one will take years off your life. And more than likely ruin your finances as well.

Once again, it’s a shame you have to hear this stuff from a blog rather than your pals.

Do your circle a favor and bring this conversation up with your best male friends. This is something we should be talking about.

Qualities in women. Smiling, nurturing – good. Narcissism – bad. Choose wisely, men.

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