Last Thing On My Mind


Opium Tales – Last Thing On My Mind – preview it here:

An epic ballad by Roman Riva and Opium Tales



Last Thing On My Mind – an epic ballad by Roman Riva and Opium Tales

With visions of the Hell on Earth known as World War I, the death of Romanticism in Europe. The most pointless slaughter there ever was.

This song is kinda the sequel to One More Serenade. Sung by a woman because she’s reading the last letter he wrote before dying in the trenches.

I keep coming back to this same theme.

Randy told me that this may be my Purple Rain. However, I firmly believe new music is dead. I just keep producing these songs because I don’t have a choice.

I rarely sleep. Tossing and turning, I get up and either paint something or compose. And this is what comes out of my perpetual insomnia.

Leeloo – Lead and Harmony vocals
Roman Riva – Flamenco and electric guitars
Randall Burk – Drums, percussion, and male vocals
Maria Grigoryeva’s string quartet – String quartet

Mixed and Mastered at Stout Recording Studio, Oakland, California
Produced by Randall Burk
Cover model – Roxy

This song is dedicated to Carrie who stood by me through thick and through thin.