I am blessed

I was an atheist up until a few years ago. One major change in my life recently is saying thanks before dinner.

No matter what you believe, even if you believe in nothing, saying thanks is powerful. You learn to appreciate things that you previously took for granted. I highly advise it.

So this morning, I’m drawing Roxy from a pose she did over a year ago. Now, Allie and Roxy are not professional models. They’re not even models. They’re personal friends of mine.

They have private lives and I’ll not disclose much more about them because they both value their privacy.

Sophia, Diana, and Katie (in chronological order of who I painted) are actually professional models. That’s their job.

So their diets are strict. They have no folds. No excess fat. No big stretch marks. No bodily imperfections.

Regimented diet. Consistent workout routines. Scientific skin care. I’ve seen them all naked of course without Instagram filters and I can vouch that they all look way, way better than most girls even when those girls have Instagram filters and a lot of Photoshop.

Not that Allie and Roxy don’t watch their figures or their diets. But they’re more just women who happen to be way more attractive than normal women.

Allie will always be the prettiest girl in the room. And Roxy is voluptuous.

No, not voluptuous in the modern form of the word. Fat women have hijacked this word. I don’t at all mean fat, and yes, I’m sick of this all bodies are beautiful bullshit.

Not all bodies are beautiful. Most are nasty.

Which is sad because if you go back to the 70s and 80s, the average women back then would be an 8 today. 9s are still 9s and 10s are still 10s. That hasn’t changed. But the averages have dropped significantly.

Anyways, I’m getting at I’m blessed to work with such beautiful women, with 3 being professional models and 2 being like family to us. I’ll probably pick up a new model or two a year. I enjoy meeting new people, especially beautiful women.

I am blessed for my health. Sure, 99% of it was my hard work. But I’m blessed that I made choices back in the mid-2010s to get us where we are now. I encountered the right people at the right time.

I am blessed to have a smart son who is also strong and healthy. Sure, the Mrs and I raised him right. But he also has a dang good work ethic plus self-control, which a lot of kids his age have neither.

I am blessed to have a good wife. She was never indoctrinated into that feminism bullshit. When I want a sandwich, she makes me one. I come home and the house is clean. I haven’t done laundry since the 90s. She wears beautiful dresses when we go to social functions.

And she looks good. She’s a tall, thin, natural redhead. Once, Diana asked me why my wife doesn’t model.

I am blessed to have a good brain. I’m no super genius and yes, I deserve a lot of credit because I’m consistent. People don’t understand that everything good takes consistency.

Want to be good at something? Consistently do it.

I am blessed to live in the United States of America. In 2014, we spent a few weeks in the Dominican Republic. I heard about some horses you can rent so we rented some horses. Well, they came with a guide.

The guide took us to his village. He shared an outhouse with 3 other families. Yes, four families sharing an outhouse.

No, not a bathroom. An outhouse. A hole in the ground where you piss and shit and there’s no running water to take your piss and shit to somewhere else. So you consistently smell it when you go in it.

Yes, there are some Americans that still have only outhouses. But most nowadays have toilets with either septic tanks or public sewage systems. Most of us take this all for granted.


If you got a septic tank or your apartment/house is on the public sewage system, you are blessed and you probably have no idea how lucky you are.

Heck, if you got running water, you are blessed and probably have no idea how lucky you are.

I could go on and on but you get my point.

Want to improve your life?

Start counting your blessings. And give thanks daily.

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