It’s a lot more complicated than that

I used to have a successful social media account on a certain platform before it got censored because I told the truth about corona. I may eventually create a new account there because after I create my course, I’ll need a free way to promote it. Not crazy about returning, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do to pay the bills.

Anyways, on that platform, you had a contingent of PUAs (pick up artists) who divided men into alphas and betas. I always thought that was way too simple. Humans are more complicated than that.

Then I came across a guy named Vox Day. Yeah, Wikipedia calls him alt-right. Wikipedia calls everyone alt-right though, without knowing the meaning. It’s just like our current president calling anyone who disagrees with him a fascist. He probably couldn’t even define fascism.

Vox Day splits men into alphas, betas, deltas, gammas, omegas, and sigmas.

I like this explanation better, but it’s still more complicated than this. He puts alphas at the top as your everyday leader. The guy who built a company from scratch. The quarterback of the football team. Etc.

Then betas support the alphas. He used Goose (Top Gun) as the perfect beta. Whereas in PUA terms, beta is an insult, in Vox Day’s terminology, it’s actually a good thing.

Betas still get babes. Just not the sheer numbers that alphas get. Betas are above average.

Day also explains that betas actually have the better role. Alphas do too much work and they’re the ones who get “tested” by other alphas. Alphas are also prone to jealousy if there’s another alpha moving into his territory. Seen this irl many, many times.

Next, deltas are your everyday man. In American culture, deltas work hard and expect gratitude (and financial incentives) for it.

You want to get on a delta’s good side? Easy. Take a moment to examine his work, smile, and say “hey, this is pretty good.”

Next, you got gammas. Gammas are bad as they’re smarter than average, mentally unstable, and scare away the babes. Not surprisingly, most woketards are gammas.

Last, you got omegas.  Omegas are so low on the totem pole that nobody even notices them.  The red stapler guy in Office Space is the perfect example of an omega.  He’s the guy who will eventually burn down the building.

“But what about sigmas?” Yeah, they’re in a category by themselves.  Like omegas, they’re totally on the outside.  But unlike omegas, they get babes.

Sigmas make up your true artists.  The real deal.  I forgot who Day used as an example of a sigma male but Prince, Motley Crue, and James Dean’s character in Rebel Without a Cause immediately come to my mind.

They get as many babes as alphas (I forgot, but Day many actually say sigmas get more babes than alphas), yet are totally on the outside.

OK, that’s the summary.  Note that these are Day’s terms, not mine.  I think this setup is way, way better than the simple alpha vs beta terminology that the PUAs use.  But it’s still not enough.  Humans are simply more complicated than that.

I explain my beliefs better in my article on how to not be an incel.  You want to be better with the babes? Become higher quality, be more interesting, take more chances, and frequent the places babes go.

But giving credit to Day, you’ll see real life examples of each one of these categories.  A lot of people really are memes, and the scamdemic exposed people for what they truly are.

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