It’s all about persistence

I don’t know “Anakin” (not his real name) well. I’ve only talked to him a few times.

He’s a very close friend of a very close friend though. They grew up together so I know Anakin’s story.

Anakin came from another culture where their normal child rearing practices would be considered child abuse in our culture. His father beat his ass more than once and always called him stupid, even in the presence of Anakin’s friends.

Anakin never went to college. After high school, he asked some upper middle class and rich folks if they wanted their pools cleaned. A few said yes.

He did a real good job cleaning their pools and soon became their regular pool cleaner. So good in fact that some of his clients told their friends that he did a good job and soon, he was also cleaning his clients’ friends pools.

Well, it became too much for Anakin and he had to hire an employee to help him. Then it became too much for two people so he had to hire an additional employee.

A few decades later, Anakin now has eleven employees and owns two homes in an upper middle class neighborhood.

As for his father, the guy who used to always call him stupid? His father now rents one of Anakin’s homes.

Today’s kids don’t get this

I see young people quit things all the time. They see others with better skill sets and dismiss their hard work, rationalizing it all to superior talent.

That’s why so many kids have a communistic mentality. They’re not taught the value of hard work and persistence.

I also see kids who need to be motivated. I don’t get that. I don’t need motivation to do anything. I just do it.

Painting? Every chance I get.

The gym? I can’t wait to go.

Piano? Very first thing I do after getting up.

Luckily for Anakin, his father doesn’t believe in that Wokeshevik bullshit. Anakin saw his father working hard and go from poverty to the working class. Which is a pretty huge step.

Anakin took the next steps, from working class to the upper middle class.

Unfortunately, Anakin’s kids won’t see that. They’ll go to public schools and may be exposed to America hating Wokeshevism. If they do, rather than hard work and persistence, they’ll value whining and the victim mentality.

The upper middle class lifestyle is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a great lifestyle. But those born into it often take it for granted. They think it’s normal.

No. It is not normal. You are blessed to be the richest 1% of people on the planet and upper 15-20% of Americans. (Americans are so rich that even a lot of poor Americans are fat, but Americans don’t realize that until they leave the country and see how the rest of the world lives).

It’s important to raise your kids to value persistence

If you’re in the upper middle class, it’s important to teach your kids that communism is stupid. Last century, communists killed 50-100 million people. We’ll never know the exact figure because communists are very good at disposing of bodies.

Communism never worked and never will work.

But for some odd reason, our colleges have been overrun by communist sympathizing professors, who pass on this bullshit to the students.

Communism doesn’t value hard work and persistence. Rather, it teaches kids that people are various levels of victims, all depending on different variables like skin color, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

It’s intentionally designed not to make the world a better place, but rather to bring some people down.

I want to bring people up. America still is a great nation where if you’re persistent, you have a solid chance of being successful in what you do.

No, there are no guarantees. But there’s no guarantee in any system.

I sell art. Some months, I have more success than others.

That’s how it goes though. I’m not going to complain to the State because they’re the absolute last people I want involved in my artwork. If the State got involved, I have to paint what they tell me to paint. Fuck that shit!

I taught my son the value of hard work and persistence. I told him that laziness is the worst sin.

He’s in his mid-20s and already successful. He served his country and already has a very good job.

Some of his peers though, they learned that Wokeshevik bullshit. No coincidence they’re fat and miserable.

So raise your kids right, my friends. Teach them hard work and persistence and show them that the victim mentality is for losers.

If you believe you can overcome anything, and you’re willing to put in the work, you will succeed. The only question is at what level.

The entrepreneurial spirit isn’t limited to America

By no means is the entrepreneurial spirit limited to America. You can succeed anywhere.

In 2019, I took my wife on our 2nd Caribbean cruise. I forgot which Caribbean island we were on, but we rented Segways and rode them around the island.

I had a nice talk with the Segway owner. He now owns about 20 of them and has an employee under him. At the time, he was working on hiring a second employee to handle all the paperwork.

He owns his home outright and bought his mom a real nice house too, which is paid for in full.

The thing is, he’s still very young. I’m guessing he was in his 20s.

We saw some flamingos on the tour so I told him my flamingo joke.

You know why flamingos stand on one leg?

Because if they stand on no legs, they’d fall.

He groaned. Yeah I know. It’s not my funniest joke. But no way I could pass up telling that joke with 30 flamingos right in front of us.

Another funny thing – Caribbean jerk chicken is the bomb! If you’ve never had it, you’re missing out.

But he thought it was just ok. I guess it’s not so exotic when you grow up with it.

He loves to fly into Miami and get Kentucky Fried Chicken. Yes, that’s his idea of a vacation.

The moral of the story is – this guy started with nothing, had an idea, and is now one of the richest men in his town. Hard work and persistence, my friends. He’s the type of person that capitalists admire and communists hate.

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