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I have yet to meet a feminist with an ounce of culture. I love Camille Paglia, but I’ve never met her. The ones I’ve met? About as cultured as a garden slug.

And yes, I’ve met a lot of them. I even regrettably lived with a feminist girlfriend for awhile (not one of my smarter moves).

Funny that this modern wave of feminists hate Paglia with a passion.

Camille Paglia is awesome. She’s smart. Cultured. Really knows her shit. Plus, she’s 100% pro-Free Speech.

She gets it. When it comes to Americans, she’s the real deal. She understands how important being both well-read and pro-Freedom are.

She’s what feminists should be.

Unfortunately, they’re the opposite. They’re ugly, crass, and stupid as hell. Totally uncultured as well.

So, since they’ve taken over the public education system (and made it stupid), I’m going to introduce some women I find highly awesome. You may know some of these women. If you do, huge kudos. If you don’t, definitely learn more about them.

Why am I doing this? Because I just wrote two articles on masculinity. When masculinity disappears for a generation. And its sequel – a generation without fathers.

Both articles highly praise masculinity. As we should. I’d love to see masculinity praised again, rather than being bombarded with the “toxic masculinity” bullshit we get from these ugly and bitter feminists.

And as much as I love masculinity for myself and the men I give a fuck about, I appreciate femininity even more. After all, it’s my job.

Hilary Hahn

Grandma was a huge influence on my life.

Whereas I learned to play Metal guitar from my high school best friend (we’re still close friends to this day), Grandma saw I loved guitar and bought me some textbooks. I learned a few things from her.

Years later, she’s over 100 and confined to a wheelchair. Which is sad as she walked across Europe in her 60s. But time will get us all. All we can do is delay it.

Anyways, Auntie got her an iPad. Grandma never really learned to use it so she would always tell Auntie “tell that lady (referring to Siri) to put on some Hilary Hahn.”

If you don’t know who Hahn is, she’s a musical genius. Even in her teens, she played a wicked violin. You could hear her playing Sibelius’s violin concerto in her teens.

I owe you an article on my favorite violin concertos. She recorded them all. And played them in a way that had the composer been alive, I’m very sure he’d be proud.

Her violin? A copy of Il Cannone, a copy so well made by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume that Paganini put them side by side and couldn’t tell the difference. Only after playing them both for awhile did he recognize very subtle differences in tone.

Isabel Allende

In the 90s, I got heavily into books. I was waiting tables and only working 4 days a week. That left extra days.

I’d spend one day a week in the library. I’d read an entire book right there.

I also got into survivalism but that’s another story for another day.

At the time, I loved Vonnegut, Edward Abbey, and Isabel Allende the best. Why those 3? I have no idea. Those were just the authors I ended up reading.

Allende is weird. You’d have a normal story going on then all of a sudden, a ghost would pop in and one of the main characters would have a normal ass conversation with a ghost.

But, her stories flowed well.

I give up on books easily. If a book doesn’t flow, I’d put it back on the shelf and go find a magazine.

You can’t go wrong with Allende. She writes good characters. Believable, despite the supernatural elements.

Khatia Buniatishvili

Mom loved Rachmaninoff. I wish I shared my love for his work while she was still alive.

But I didn’t.

When she was still alive, I liked Tchaikovsky and Brahms. I barely got into Beethoven too. I actually thought he was overrated.

Yeah, I had a lot to learn.

Well right before she died, I started to take Classical music seriously. I’ve always liked it. But never really studied it. It’s a shame she never got to hear any of the Classical music I’ve written.

Today, Rachmaninoff is one of my favorites.

And who to suggest? Lots. But we’re talking about women now so give Khatia Buniatishvili a listen. She nails Rachmaninoff.

She also does a spectacular job with Chopin, another favorite that I unfortunately didn’t appreciate until Mom was almost dead.

Look for her performing Rachmaninoff’s 2nd Piano Concerto. You will not be disappointed.

Olga Scheps

Mom loved Chopin. While she was alive, I thought Chopin was boring. Yeah, I had a lot to learn.

I also didn’t know Chopin was the hero of Poland. A Polish nationalist, living in exile in France.

Scheps is fantastic. She has a different feel than Buniatishvili.

I found Scheps while looking for Chopin. I wanted to study nocturnes. I actually ended up composing one, and it will be available sometime next year.

Anyways, Scheps is my go to for Chopin. Listen to hear play Chopin’s Nocturne Opus 9, Number 2, my absolute favorite.

Plus, in a ways, Scheps reminds me of Roxy.

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