What 50 Shades of Grey will teach men

A few years ago, I had a long discussion about the decline of masculinity and sexuality with a heterosexual woman that I’m strictly on platonic terms with. She’s a big fan of 50 Shades of Grey, both the books and the movie.

For the record, I have neither read the books nor watched the movie. However, I get the gist of the story.

She bitches that it’s hard to find masculine men nowadays. I have heard this complaint from many women. I have also heard from many women I have had flings with that I’m either one of the only or the only man who knows how to make them feel like a woman.

I’m not writing this to brag. I’m writing this to teach.

What 50 Shades of Grey teaches men

The state of Western men is a fucking joke. Men today are so pussified that they can’t turn on women.

I’d largely blame the media. Today’s media hates masculinity. They’re always mocking masculine men to the point that men think that being soft and nice will get them laid. Let me get one thing straight – women would rather masturbate than fuck a nice guy.

Let me say that again. Women would rather masturbate than fuck a nice guy.

Contrary to popular opinion, 50 Shades isn’t about sadism. It involves a highly successful man named Christian Grey who is tall and attractive. He’s also a pretty good kickboxer.

Let me break this down. He’s tall and attractive, two very important masculine traits. He kickboxes, a very masculine sport. He’s highly successful. Need I say more?

Now, let’s break down some of his other traits. He’s charismatic, another very important masculine trait.

And, he knows what he wants. I cannot stress this enough. He knows what he wants.

Women like decisive men. Indecisive men are not sexy. Women do not want to fuck indecisive men.

These are best-selling books because women are turned on by them. These books sell because women are turned on by Christian Grey. Christian Grey is sexy because he’s masculine.

How many Christian Grey’s do you know in real life? I bet very few.

What 50 Shades of Grey teaches men – the list

So let me reiterate. Christian Grey is tall and attractive. Christian Grey knows what he wants. He kickboxes. He is financially successful. Grey is decisive.

Now, bondage is a fantasy that many women have. I have tied up a few women and the last one who asked me to tie her up had a wimpy ass boyfriend that didn’t turn her on.

Note that.

Don’t be a wimpy ass boyfriend. Be decisive. Be bold. And be masculine!

If you are not successful, then you need to re-evaluate your life. This isn’t just about money. I’ve gotten laid by being a damn good musician, even when I was flat broke.

Success is more than money. Success means being good at something. This can include sports, writing, the piano, the saxophone (I can’t play the sax but I’ve seen good sax players get plenty of pussy), or whatever.

If you’re the type of guy who sucks at everything, then don’t expect to get laid. Instead, you need to completely re-focus your energies on self-improvement.

But if you are good at something, flaunt it. Way better to err on conceited than passive.

So you’ll offend a few betas. So what?

Erring on the side of conceited will turn some women off. Erring on the side of passivity will turn zero women on.

Read that last paragraph again until you understand it.

And lastly, but also very important, he is lean, yet muscular with broad shoulders and intense eyes.

Lose your belly fat men. The average American male’s body is pathetic. Turn that fat into muscle!

And let’s not forget – learn to have intense eyes. If a woman looks at you, don’t immediately look at your feet. Make her feel like she’s the shy one.

Of course, don’t stare to the point where she calls the cops either. But gaze is something you need to learn. You’re not going to get anywhere with women if you’re afraid to look into their eyes.

This article helps women more than it helps men

Ladies – I’ve heard your complaints. I’ve heard you complain to me so many times that there aren’t any real men any more. I’ve been told many times that I’m the one of the only men or the only man who’s ever made you feel like a woman.

It’s time to put a stop to this. I’m trying to make American men more masculine again so America will be fun again.

The direct side effect is you will have much better sex. If anyone wins from this article, it’s you!

You want to be swept away by a charming and strong man? Someone to make you feel weak in the knees? Or do you want to be surrounded by childish soy boys with neatly trimmed beards who have anxiety attacks when they try to talk to you?

One last thing, our conversation had one more important point. Christian Grey kept trying different things on Anastasia until he found things that worked on her.

All women are different in bed. All women have different rhythms. Different timings. Different erogenous zones that need to be stimulated in different ways.

What works on one woman may not work on another. Take another note from Christian Grey – be patient and keep trying different things until you find what makes her scream and piss off the neighbors.

I’ll contradict that last piece of advice another day. But that’s another blog post. I’m just repeating what she told me about these books.

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