I only play offense

California in the 80s was paradise on earth.

California Dreaming. California Girls. Paradise City.

Famous bands wrote songs about how beautiful California was. Testosterone driven bands wrote songs about the babes.

And yes. There were babes.


I spent most of the 80s in California. My high school had hot babes lying on the lawn in bikinis, working on their tans. The boys lifted weights. That’s just how it was back then.

Today? It’s a degenerate place full of beta boys and ugly, bitter women.

What went wrong?

I’ll tell you exactly what went wrong.

The normal people played defense. The ugly ones played offense.

And guess who won?

The team that played offense.

They wanted to ban everything good. And any time they didn’t get their way, they whined incessantly until they got their way.

The normal people gave ground, gave ground, gave ground, then when it all went to shit, they wondered “what happened?”

What happened? You gave up all the ground. You allowed them to do this. That’s why we have what we have today – a shithole.

Yes. They turned paradise into a shithole in only one generation.

How to take it back

It’s a lot easier than you think.

You have a silent majority who is afraid to speak out. So it’s our job to do it. When normal people see us speak out, they won’t be so afraid to also speak out.

I paint pinups, write short fiction, compose music, and I’m even working on a comedy routine. Comedy in California college campuses is pretty much dead because comedians don’t want to perform there. You’ll always have some real ugly chicks and their beta male orbiters protesting.

But if you want to win the culture wars, simply produce quality culture.

I produce pinups. My pinups are already pretty good. They sell for a decent chunk of change. And they offend butt-ugly feminists. Which, I use as an additional selling point. Yes, I’ve had my work called “porn” by butt-ugly feminists. Rather than taking offense at that, I add it in my advertising.

You see, I’m finding even liberal and left-leaning heterosexual men still like hot chicks. One of the gentlemen who bought my pinups describes himself as an “almost socialist.” Which is great! I could care less if someone is left, right, or center, as long as they like my art.

I had a competitor once who tried to get me to paint mermaids with short hair. I told him no. I hate short hair on women. Short hair is for old ladies, bless their hearts.

Well, he painted his mermaids not only with short hair, he also made them fat.

With bikini tops no less. We all know that’s bullshit because mermaids didn’t wear bikini tops. They let their tits hang out because they’re uninhibited, natural creatures. Even CS Lewis and Hans Christian Anderson had them painted topless.

Then when he found out how much money I made from my artwork, he got all butt-hurt. “You must have rich friends,” he said passive aggressively. He couldn’t bring himself to consider that maybe my artwork is not only better, but also maybe straight men don’t want to buy paintings of fat mermaids with short hair.

I’m sure there’s a market for his paintings though. Maybe the angry lesbian who works at the pet store wants one. No, not that cute girl with the long hair. I’m talking about the fat one with the short, purple hair.

But then purple hair only has $150 to shell out. She barely makes rent every month. And of course blames everyone else but herself for being lousy at life.

(As any artist will tell you, $150 is a cheap frame).

Stand your ground. Be an asshole if you have to

This isn’t just about art, my friends. These woke douchebags are trying to take over our entire culture. 

We’re seeing actors and musicians left and right getting canceled for simply speaking their mind. 

We’re seeing comedians who won’t even perform on college campuses anymore. 

And like I said earlier, these woke douchebags turned the paradise that was 80s California into the shithole it is today. 

All those music videos from the 80s? Yes, it really was like that. And the high school parties in the movies? Yes, I’ve been to a few of those.

So no more appeasement. I’m taking the offense. 

If I come across as an asshole, then so be it. 

Someone else’s morality is someone else’s morality. Not mine. Guilt trips don’t work on me. Neither do any other feeble attempts at trying to convince me of their political bullshit. If it violates my Rights, I dismiss it immediately and won’t even consider it. I’ll even be an asshole about it because I’m fucking sick of their bullshit lectures.

I will not be forced to paint fat mermaids with short hair and hairy ass armpits. I will never apologize to feminists, woke douchebags, or those all bodies are beautiful idiots. 

I will not hand in my guns either because my guitars, my paintbrushes, and my guns are all extensions of me.

I will not compromise on my short stories. I don’t care who they offend. I don’t even know what I’m writing half the time. I just write and often don’t even have the ending planned until it ends. 

Keep producing quality my friends. Whatever your medium is. 

Because that’s what this world needs – more quality. 

I’m taking drawing lessons despite already making decent money with my art. I can always get better. 

Do they help? 

Heck yes! I’ve improved my speed big time, especially on anatomy. 

I used to see the human body in lines and circles. Now, I see the human body in shapes. It’s cut the sketching time in half. 

Focus on getting stronger and healthier too. These woke douchebags are now even trying to demonize healthy people. It’s like they think Harrison Bergeron is a utopia. (Kurt Vonnegut if you’ve never read it). 

We’re in the middle of a culture war. One side is fighting and the other side seems to be in denial it’s even happening. 

Time to take offense. If you gotta be an asshole, then do it. 

No mercy. You all already know they’ll show us none. 

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    1. Heh. Depends if he’s a limousine socialist. If so, I should probably give him my sob story and 10x the price.

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