Why do you do this to your kid?

I love food shopping.

I’m actually the one who picks out the food. I don’t take vitamin pills. Rather, I know what food has which vitamins and minerals and I make sure we’ve covered all the bases.

Mostly meat. Fruits and veggies. Low amounts of carbs.

And yes. We love milk and cheese.

“But milk is bad for you!”

Fuck off.

If you can digest milk and you like it, drink it up. If you can’t digest milk or if you don’t like the taste, then don’t buy it. It’s really not that hard.

Smoking hot chick

Every once in awhile, you get a cute chick in the grocery store. Today though – a smoking hot chick. Good looking enough for me to paint her (upper 1% of women).

Unfortunately, she was already ready to leave when we arrived. Bummer. Didn’t interact at all.

Also in the store though was a poor teenage kid and his 400-pound mother.

I felt so bad for the kid.

She’s wheeling around in one of them electric scooters. And of course, she can’t reach anything so he’s got to reach everything for her.

They also arrived before we did. I wonder what went through the kid’s mind when he saw the smoking hot chick.

Probably embarrassed as hell. Would smoking hot chick want to mate with some guy with a 400-pound mom in an electric scooter?

Survey says?


More than likely, he’ll be a virgin until his mom drops dead (decades prematurely of course).

By then though, he’ll be so damaged that he’ll more than likely end up a gamma male.

Yeah, I just learned that term the other day. Apparently, I’ve been using the term beta male wrong. There’s way more than alphas and betas. The average person is a delta. Beta is actually better than average with these new definitions.

Anyways, if you don’t know this new terminology, I’ll give you the skinny.

A gamma male is invisible to women. Clueless, at best, they idolize women and land in the friend zone.

She’ll call him at 3 o’clock in the morning crying that Chad dumped her and the gamma will hang on the phone for hours, assuring her that men are pigs (not himself of course, he’s a white knight). The whole time, he’s thinking he’s making progress while the only reason she called Gamma is that none of her girlfriends picked up the phone and she had to talk to someone.

Then of course, when Chad 2 comes along, the Gamma will go right back to invisibility.

That, my friends, is what 400-pound electric scooter mom is doing to her son. And my question for you is, why do people do that to their kids?

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  1. One of the greatest days was when I found out that I didn’t serve many people when I was “there”

    I wasn’t a bandaid. I wasn’t a solution. Hell, I wasn’t superglue on a cut.

    When I decided to be “selfish” with my time, only serving myself and those that I “owe” or have connection to, things went better.

    I don’t think that I was some 100% beta but I know I wasn’t healthy. No is a word that many people should learn. especially men. Even some betas. I think that some of them do worse for others when they “help out”. It would make more sense for many of them to be MGTOW or some other alternative.

    (Sometimes I want to knock people out of those scooters and yell at them. Very few are people with injuries or surgeries. I actually knew someone that had double knee surgery and used one, wasn’t a Walmartian but got weird looks. )

    I am overweight but I park in the back. It is one of the few things I am willing to signal about. I allso think that the shopping tailgate programs are for lazy anti-social people and for morons that would rather watch the Kardashians/sportsball, but this is another rant for another time.

    1. I think most of us on the “self-improvement” journey have seen the errors in our ways and are doing best to correct them.

      I suppressed being an artist for almost 20 years because there were better people in my school and that drove me nuts. So rather than work harder, I got discouraged and stopped drawing. I know, that was stupid, but that’s how my mind worked as a kid.

      I got a lot of bad habits from grownups. That’s where most of us get our tendencies. And we spend our adulthood either denying those bad habits or actually fixing them. It’s the latter group I want to be friends with.

      My pet peeve though is it’s one thing to self-destruct. But to self-destruct when you got kids gets under my skin. Scooter lady is creating a gamma male.

      And yes – “no” is an awesome word and needs to be brought back. Men especially need to learn how to say “no.” Scooter lady’s kid probably won’t learn how to say it until his 40s.

      As for being “selfish” with my time – I didn’t learn this one until a few years ago. And I still managed to fuck that up recently. So I definitely learned the hard way how important that is.

      As for MGTOW, Scooter lady’s kid may have to go thru a MGTOW phase until he can learn to be more red-pilled. He’s definitely got his work cut out for him.

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