Way too many Western women do this

I don’t know this person. I stumbled upon her tweet by accident and started laughing.

Why? Because it’s funny. And because I actually know women who fit this almost to a T.

To be clear, I don’t believe in controlling anyone else’s lives. Nor do I believe in laws to get in the way of anyone’s Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness.

However, I do know people very well. I could tell when a person is lying, including lying to themselves. Unless that person is a sociopath, for which they’re so good at lying that they usually fool me until I catch them making a mistake.

But that’s another story for another day. I’m now talking about Western women.

Yes, there are happy, fulfilled Western women today. I’ve written about three of them many times – my wife, Allie, and Roxy.

Some women can be fulfilled by career alone. I can assure you though that these women are in a minority, and most women who reach 40 and have no kids can’t look me in the eye and tell me they’re fulfilled without me seeing a liar.

I had a boss once that was an exception. She freaking loves her life and her career. Once again though, she is an exception and these women are a minority.

Why should I care?

Like I said, I don’t interfere with anyone else’s Life, Liberty, and pursuit Happiness and I don’t want anyone interfering with mine.

That said, I’m fully aware when someone is lying to me, including when they’re lying to themselves.

Aging is cruel to most people. Life moves fast and if you don’t keep up with it, you fall behind.

Most folks my age look like shit. I’m sure they feel like shit as well.

They’ve made pretty bad life decisions and didn’t correct their paths soon enough. They’re paying the price for it now.

To be clear, don’t think for a minute I’m picking on women. If you read my blog, it’s constructive criticism for everyone, especially myself. I’m a hundred times harder on myself than I am on anyone else.

That’s because I expect greatness. Nothing less. I’ve said it many times – if I don’t both compose a piece that’s on Bruckner’s level and sell a million dollar painting before I’ve died, I’ve died a failure.

But this is much less. Way easier to fulfill.

Like it or not, the sooner a woman has her children, the healthier the children are. Sure, you can have a healthy first kid at 40. But you’re gambling. And if you know anything about me, you know I like playing with the odds in my favor.

We had our kid young. And we’re very glad we did it. He’s significantly healthier than his peers.

And also like it or not, women’s expiration dates expire before men’s. Sure, women like Monica Bellucci and Penelope Cruz exist. But they are outliers. Probably 1% of 1%.

If I were single, I wouldn’t date a 30-year-old woman. Too old for my tastes. I put aesthetics above all else because I’m an artist and I make no apologies for it whatsoever.

So I’m being brutally honest with you. Unless you’re an outlier, the clock is ticking.

My main model before Allie is in her mid-20s and done. She cannot attract a quality man. She let herself go and without tens of thousands of dollars of surgery, she ain’t gonna fool one.

Yes, she used to be gorgeous. But she became an SJW, which made her ugly.

I showed a friend someone else at 27 that now at 31, I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot poll. She used to be a babe. Today? Hell no!

“But men…”

No shit. Men also make stupid mistakes. That’s another article though.

The sooner you’re honest with life, the better. The clock ticks for us all. We’re all going to die. It’s just, it clicks faster for women.

Is that fair? Of course not.

It’s reality though. And I prefer to live in the real world.

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  1. freemattpodcast

    We fall back to connections and community that we (should have) made when we were younger. I dont look at women, that age with dignity, in a poor light. But I hold low esteem for those that showed up late in the race trying to hitch a ride.

    1. admin

      I absolutely LOVE women who age with dignity. That’s why I specifically called out Bellucci and Cruz. Still gorgeous, Gen X women who speak with dignity in multiple languages.

      And yes. The ones who snoozed? Those ones lost. I have a very limited supply of sympathy to give and they get none of it.

  2. Alexander Hellene

    The lies everyone in America—man and woman—have had shoveled down our throats for decades has resulted in millions of broken lives and happy couples that will never meet, beautiful children that will never be born. Ours is a sick culture. Glad to see people waking up to it.

    But waking up is only step one. There needs to be action.

    1. admin

      Yes Sir.

      My action is counter-education. I counter society’s lies with exposing the lies.

        1. admin

          Thanks 🙂

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